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Dr. Emilia Gomez has been working together with a team from the Developmental Pediatrics department from Phoenix Children's Hospital. She has received specialized training to be able to diagnose, guide and help coordinate care for children that are in the autism spectrum disorder.

Our biggest goal is to diagnose as early as possible, because doing so we can start early intervention: therapies targeted to help the developing brain of a child for a better future.


At our office, we screen all our patients for autism at the ages of 9months, 18months and 24 months of age. At any age if there are concerns for developmental delays please make sure to come and see Dr. Gomez as soon as possible.


Patients that have Autism, that are at risk or are being suspected to have Autism can ask for a consultation visit so that initial needs and assessments can be made. It is very important to understand that it will take several visits to diagnose a patient as this is a very complex condition.